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Voices Rising is a select group of vocalists that performs all styles of music with an attention to detail and musicality.  The result is a sound that is enjoyable and awe-inspiring for audiences.  Musical selections, ranging from classical to jazz to Broadway to inspirational, showcase the professionalism and flair of Voices Rising.  Within the group are highly trained musicians who have performed in a myriad of venues throughout their careers, and who bring an intense enjoyment to their music, making difficult arrangements appear effortless.

Available to perform for clubs, organizations, churches and special events, Voices Rising has musical selections that include small ensembles, duets, quartets and solos.  Their wide variety of music allows them to have just the right blend for any performance, group, or venue.  Audiences find themselves laughing or inspired as well as entertained at any concert of this highly trained group called Voices Rising.

For information about booking a performance or about upcoming concerts, contact Janis Bremer at 501-922-7757 or through email at

Voices Rising