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Our Mission

Showcasing the Arts

The Hot Springs Village Arts Council, a non-profit organization formed on January 8, 2008, is an umbrella organization whose primary purpose is to provide a central source of information for the numerous arts organizations within the community, coordinate their activities, and ensure continued promotion and increasing funding for the future of the arts in HSV.

We are currently representing over 5,000 people in many and diverse artistic venues where we promote artistic opportunities for participants and patrons of the arts.

The arts have been proven to be an important asset to Hot Springs Village. It is crucial to have a means of voicing in a centralized manner the importance of the arts and the role they play in current resident satisfaction and in attracting new residents.

If you are a visual, creative or performing arts group interested in becoming a member of the Hot Springs Village Arts Council, please see contact information below.

Contact Information

Maureen Morgan

 HSVAC Administrator

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Our History

To promote and support the visual, performing, and other creative arts organizations of Hot Springs Village and its neighborhood.